Beginning Cooking, red table wine, some more movie and a bit of outrage about Oregon

Back when I first moved to Colorado, I was in a household where I ended up doing most of the cooking. I was the only woman in the house. I was having a hard time thinking of things to cook, so we ended up eating a lot of chicken dishes and green bean casserole. I started experiementing a bit more after a while and got a little more creative. Fortunately, the guys ate almost anything I made. I was fussier. I do remember being on antibiotics that made everything taste like metal – not a fun time when trying to eat.
Anyway one of the things that helped me plan meals was a cookboook written by my at-the-time boyfriend’s mother, Carrie Bailey and published through the Bailey Family Partnership. It is called "The Food Stamp Gourmet" and is filled with good basic recipes that can be made within a food-stamp recipient’s budget. It even includes what the meals cost in 1985 dollars. For a while she had a television show in the Denver area.
I did this reminiscing last night after I was zooming to the store to get sour cream to make some stroganoff with the left over pot roast. I remembered that Carrie had the tip to use sour milk to make stroganoff.
Sour milk
2 cups milk
1 T vinegar (white vinegar is probably better, this is my assumption)
Allow to sit 5 minutes
My favorite recipes in the book are the African soup and Calzones. There is also an idea list at the back listing ingredients and what can be prepared if you are short before the next paycheck.
I found the book on Amazon:
The family may have some cookbooks for sale also (I do not know for sure):
Anyway so I made stroganoff from left over pot roast. The carrots and potatoes were gone, only gravy, some onions and a little meat was left.
Cut up remainder of meat into small pieces
Saute half a medium onion
add onion, a can of mushrooms, a cup of red wine to leftover meat and gravy.
Heat over the stove
add about 1/2 c of sour cream
Serve over rice
 I found a nice red table wine at Costco:
Le Grand Noir Cabernet -Shiraz 2003
It was a nice table wine. It was under $10 and Rich’s now snobby pallette liked it.
 Rich and I were extras again, same movie as before, "The Music Within". This ended up being an overnight shoot. I do not know how the cast and crew could do a lot of those right now. It was so cold and the scene was supposed to be taking place in August – BRRRR.
The setting was the early 70’s, so I needed a mini skirt. Unfortunately, I don’t have much over the knee in my new size (ton of 6’s and 8’s in the attic). So we went to the Meier and Frank sale and I found a skirt in my size in the petite section (since petite really indicates height they do have larger sizes…) I found a sweater that would work by Ralph Lauren. It had logo that could be hidden, so we got it. Later we went to Target and I found a cheaper sweater in the clearance there  – so I got that too. I ended up using that, but I really like the Ralph Lauren sweater so I am keeping it.
We got there and saw Mike, another extra from my first shoot. He came over and talked a while. Then another guy came by and he, Mike and Rich started techy talk. I pulled out my copy of "Pride and Prejudice" to read. Heather was there doing her regular job – extras wrangler. About halfway through the evening I realized how tough this movie must be for her, rough hours and probably not seeing her little girl much.
The shoot was mostly waiting. We got there and were checked in. We then moved around the room a bit, then checked in with the costumer (she like my outfit, Rich had to change.) We then had to be quiet and wait and wait. We then moved to another holding area so they could set up to shoot the concert in the bar. They had the Olympics on TV and snacks and water/coffee. We waited a long time there. The highlights of these waiting hours were Gil (another wrangler) singing for us, moving a table to clear an aisle, cuddling with Rich on a sofa and Melissa George enterainting us. I didn’t have much interaction with her but I really like her, she seemed friendly to all. I hope her career is successful.
Our scene is a Jefferson Airplane concert, so we dance to "Somebody to Love" with and without music. I then got bumped with a wheelchair and splashed with a little beer.
We left about 5 – an hour early, once again everyone said it was great to get done early. We sure were tired though. Fortunately Carl was spending the night with my mom. We fell into bed. Rich barely made it to his 10 am meeting the next day that was cancelled. GRRR
I found this letter to the editor that I found disturbing (ironic too since I just recommended a French wine above).
Published: October 29, 2005
State outsources projects
Does anyone find it strange that Oregon Department of Transportation is giving the contract for the Newberg-Dundee bypass to an Australian firm? I find it very interesting how much our government outsources to other countries when we need the money to stay locally.
I hear the governor telling Oregonians to keep your business locally, but yet the State of Oregon does not.
Another example that was reported to the Oregonian – the food stamp program. When you call this program, you are actually calling another country. What about keeping the dollars here in our state? When the governor asked this, he reportedly said he did not know this, but would look at the contract when it is time to renew.
The state is always looking at ways to bring money into Oregon. How about the state keeping the dollars in our state? Wouldn’t that be a novelty?
Michele Reeves
So a new project with be writting the Governer’s office to find out if these are still true.
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