Guilty Pleasure Day

Yesterday was a bit of a do-nothing day. I did a little laundry and packaged a recent batch of chicken broth for freezing. The rest of the day I played and read with Carl and watched the A & E version of "Pride and Prejudice" which I purchased on Friday.
I watched it for the first time about 10 years ago. I was in Seattle for Christmas, staying with my brother and cousins in Magnolia. My cousin, Lori, received the mini series on VHS for Christmas (I think). That year there was a huge snowstorm (3+ feet at my brothers home) that had paralyzed a city that is paralyzed with 3 inches of snow.
One of the snowbound days we watched the entire mini series and ate cookies all day. It was a wonderful memory. The cookies I remember most vividly were the Parisian Wafers, the recipe is on the scanned cards.
Lori, besides owning a beautiful old house in Magnolia and having an incredible movie collection, works for a chain of natural/gourmet markets in the Seattle area, PCC. She introduced me to fresh mozzarella and my first really really good wine, L’Ecole Nº 41 – I think it was the Merlot. It was so good – other wines seemed to pale in comparison.
I haven’t seen the current version of "Pride and Prejudice." I plan on reading the book before I see any other versions (I picked up a copy at Barnes and Noble a while ago.) I wonder how this story can be cut down to 2 hours for a movie without loosing so much of the story.
The other big event of yesteday was entertaining my son, Carl. His favorites books right now are by Eric Carle, the Baby Einstein Books by Julie Aigner-Clark (as well as the videos), Winnie the Pooh and poetry by AA Milne Sandra Boynton’s books. I started reading the Wizard of Oz to him, but since I was reading it from an online version, with no pictures, he lost interest failry quickly, I guess I will need to buy the books. Oh darn another trip to Powells. (I already checked Barnes and Noble, they do not have many of the Series.)
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One Response to Guilty Pleasure Day

  1. Jen says:

    Thanks for the message.  My daughter will be three in April, so pretty close to your son\’s age.  She did really well.  About 1/2 way through wanted to sit in my lap.  There is one scene where George is taken away by Animal Control, she got upset about that, but with reassurance and the continuing story, got over it pretty quickly.  I think it was a good first-theater experience for her.

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