Pot Roast and other adventures

I haven’t done any new recipes since I got back from my trip. I did make a pot roast last night, and I don’t think I have recorded how I make those.
I started with a 2# + size roast
1 cup red wine
4 cups of water
12 Tablespoons brown gravy mix
2 cups hot water
 new red potatoes (I like the baby best, but I will cut up bigger ones if that is what I have)
Heat oven 375°
I sear the roast on two sides on the stovetop. Add 4 cups of water and cup of wine. Cover roast and put in oven.
Cook for 2 hours. Mix the gravy in the hot water until smooth. Add to the roast with the potatoes and onions.
Cook for another hour. Add the carrots – cook for another 20-30 minutes.
Rich likes his meat well done, which is why the little higher heat. If I can get it in earlier, I will cook at 325° for a longer time.
I use the leftover meat, onions and gravy for stroganoff or in lasagne (if we get tired of eating leftover pot roast).
In the garden we have been working on building the new raised beds. Rich pulled out two of the beds and calculated the arrangement of the new ones with the shift in direction and new sizing to fit the bricks. (I called it his cipherin’).
Our garlic is really starting to come up. Rich had put some additional dirt on the garlic bed from the removed beds. I pulled some of it off – I thought it might have buried the bulbs too deep. I also transplanted some started that were popping up in odd spots, other beds, the lawn etc. I hope it makes it through the next weeks cold snap. I plan on fertilizing the first week of March.
We lost the trumpet vine. I think it was slugs (this has been a bad winter with slugs.) They have also been mean to the artichoke. We have some Deadline. I was hesitant to use it, with a small boy running around the garden. I am picking up some Sluggo. I do hope to save the artichoke.
The Bay Laurel seems to be weathering the winter ok. I built it a little newspaper house to try to protect it during the next week. I will check later today – it is very windy. I may try the water wall as the plant is still small.
Ok now for the adventure in my life. I was a paid extra in a movie. They are filming a movie called "The Music Within." I was checking a website where they advertise for extras. The first round of auditions were right before the trip, so I couldn’t try out. They do have some large group extra situations. I planned on us showing up for that since we had so much fun last summer as extras. (The large groups are unpaid.)
In checking for more details on the group shoot, I saw a posting for paid extras (very last minute.) I sent a photo and my information in, and within about 5 minutes I got a phone call. That evening I got an email with instructions. I got together the clothes I thought would be useful.
The next morning I checked email again (in case any changes). I did my makeup and hair for the year – very generically and dressed as they instructed. I loaded up the extra clothes, my makeup, a few things to fix my hair, a lint roller and some food and was off.
I got to the location only to discover that another email was sent changing the years. Oh boy. The wardrobe people went through my clothes and nothing was right. They took my measurement (and were sensitive about it.) They assigned me some clothing (I did offer to have Rich run something else out. They laughed and said no need.) The sweater was close to one I had at home as were the pants, though the pants were way too big. I used a safety pin to hold them on (forgot a belt). I was told to roll up my pants as peddle pushers for the first scene, then take off the coat and roll down the pants for the second.
In makeup she had to redo my hair. Even as rushed as she was, Allison (the makeup and hair person) didn’t hurt me. (My mom should have taken lessons from her). She put my hair up in a loopy bun and pinned a really cute knit tam on my head. My makeup was early sixties – lots of eyeliner. It was too much fun!!
I also got to talk to the other extras a bit. The other woman was young and worked for the agency where I sent in my info. The men were students at PSU where the movie had been shooting. One guy had also attended Concordia University (where I attended a long time ago) – he is a policeman in one scene. Another guy was a student at PSU who recently started after many years out of school. They shaved him for his scenes. The third was a between jobs man who they dressed in a beautiful green suit. He looked very sharp.
We were bussed to the shooting location. After our first scenes we changed hair and makeup and some of them changed clothes. The next scene was in the late seventies. I was the last one for hair. She did my hair exactly how I wore it in the late seventies (the Farrah do). She softened the eyeliner around my eyes and added under eye liner. This too was exactly how I wore my makeup. It was wild.
We were done on that location very quicly – under schedule. I guess this is rare with shoots in two different eras. We then went back and had lunch and were paid. 
Though I was fine during the day, that evening on I worried about what I did wrong and hoping I didn’t cost too much time (there were a lot of people there.) It stressed me so bad I realized that this is not for me – I can do the group stuff, but this stress was not worth the money I made. Food did not agree with me for three days and a big chunk of my left eyebrow fell out. (These are both stress things I get.) Though the food thing did nothing to help my weight loss (or lack thereof) I now have a lopsided left eyebrow. It is not worth it for me.  
Movie extras http://www.actorsinaction.com/ click on auditions
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