Food I missed

While I was gone I really missed my favorite Mexican style foods:
Green Chilli
Salsa and Chips
I came home and made a big batch of all three. I also made a few discoveries.
I add too much onion to my guac – I few tablespoons of chopped onion is enough. I need to remember this.
Home made salsa is better than the jar stuff – even if made with canned tomatoes.
I took a totally different route with my green chilli.
2-1/2 pound pork roast – cooked till it was falling apart
I then made the chilli in the pot I cooked the roast in. Unfortunately, I forgot to document what I did afterwards. There was a lot more meat than I usually have, making the chilli different. I used roasted anchos, frozen jalapenos, 4 large Tomatillos, 1chopped onion, red pepper flakes, frozen chicken/turkey broth and some flour. I seasoned it with cilantro, salt, pepper and cumin. Something still wasn’t right so I added a jar of green chilli enchilada sauce. That helped a lot.
It was different than my other green chillis, I liked it but it is different.
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2 Responses to Food I missed

  1. Jon says:

    Nothing better than a good homemade guac, salsa and/or green chili…. My sister lives in New Mexico and married a hispanic guy, so visiting there is a culinary delight. He did share with me his family recipe for Green Chili Stew, which is wonderful, I will try to get it out and send you a copy… I remember a visit where we spent a day roasting a whole gunny sack of green chilis, a lot of work, but well worth it. Jon

  2. Cherissa says:

    ღ  Happy Valentines Day! ღ

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