Home Again Home Again

The last few days of the trip were fun. By this time Carl was healthy here, so I was no longer worried.
Friday didn’t go as planned. The trains were down in the morning, so I thought I would do some shopping in town then try to catch the train, it was only an hour trip. So I went shopping only to find that the stores weren’t open yet. I went back to the room to write postcards. I then woke up at about 1, so I decided to forego the trip and shop. I bought some more shirts for Rich, a music box for Carl and a few items I needed (I dumped my toner in my suitcase!)
There was a store in Eindhoven (I later found out it was all over Belgium and the Netherlands) called Zara. Since Rich’s mom’s last name is Zara, I thought it would be fun to buy here something from there. After a bit of shopping I found some lotion and liquid soap that was store labeled. I then tried to buy it. I should have known better than to try to buy something in a store that only hires cute young things and dresses them in too-tight t-shirts. The one cashier open on the whole floor during lunchhour was working hard and was very polite and helpful. The rest of the wandering tartlettes were useless. Some were chatting next to the cashiers station, the women in front of me said something to them in Dutch. They gave her a brush off comment and wandered off. The line has now grown to about 15 people and is stretching across the floor. The cashier finally got through a difficult return. She starts to wait on the person in front of me, only to be pulled away to discuss something with another useless tartlette, this conversation taking place next to the unopened cash register that anyone of these useless creatures could have opened. The last priority of waiting on customers is then resumed and I am waited on. Again, the cashier was not at fault, however everyone else on the floor the morning of January 27th was of no benefit to the company. My advice, avoid Zara Department Store.
Friday night we went back to the resturaunt across the street, Het Groote. Loved it once again (they were the place with the mussels). This time Rich and I had steaks they were so good! I really recommend this place! The address is Ten Hagestraat, and it was across the street from the Dorint Sofitel Cocagne Hotel, where we stayed.
That night I couldn’t sleep (too many naps) but the BBC was showing the movie, "The Whole Wide World" with Renee Zellweger and Vincent D’Onofrio. It was the story of the author of Conan the Barbarian and an amazing young woman. I really recommend it – I found out I watched a really chopped version, so I plan of buying the DVD.
Here was the website I found when researching the non-exsisting trip.
Saturday we drove to Brugge Belgium with some of Rich’s fellow employees. The drive was about 2 hours from Eindhoven on the weekend (though we were warned it could be longer). We visited churches – climbing to the top of the bell tower for one. We also visited the Dumon cholate shop. It was a tiny shop in the bottom of a building in a little square. The chocolate there was so good – we bought a lot there. I later found out that Rick Steves really recommends them. We then went to see some windmills, but it was getting dark and everything was shutting down. It was a very long walk back to our car – I was so tired. We got back and ate at the hotel. It was good once again, but I was so tired I ate and then just went to bed – and slept through the night.
Sunday we took it easy. We had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel (every day it was sooo good!) and we went to see the movie "Munich." I really enjoyed it, though it left me a bit paranoid about staying in foreign hotels and talking to the other non-company Americans. Sunday evening we went to a Argentine steak place (I forgot the name) and ate ribs. They were good, but no Reo’s (a really good rib place here in the west Portland Suburban area).
Monday we took the train to Amsterdam. 
I found a blog of an Eindhoven resident:
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One Response to Home Again Home Again

  1. Cherissa says:

    Sounds like you had an amazing time!!!! Thank you for sharing your adventure!
    I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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