Still here

I am still not on the sleep schedule. I am up very early, eat breakfast then want to go back to bed.
I didn’t get to go back to bed as i went to Richs offices. It was interesting seeing the insides of the microscopes, but man I was tired. So I went to sleep at the hotel for an hour after I got back.
I then got up and went shopping. There is an amazing shopping district across the street – it goes on and on. I bought Rich two polo style shirts and a Bob the Builder outfit for my son.
When I got back I met with the concierge to plan a day trip tomorrow. I am looking forward to an adventure.
We called home again today. Carl has stopped throwing up, but is still very sick. Tomorrow my Dad and step Mom are taking him to the doctor. He is still running a fever and not up to his usual self, but he is getting better. I spoke to him a little and he asked for cinnamon toast for breakfast (and ate some of it). It is hard — I am really enjoying it here, but I miss him so much.
Today we did dinner at the hotel. The food was great and the bartender makes a great margarita.
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One Response to Still here

  1. Cherissa says:

    I hope you are having a wonderful adventure!!! And hopefully Carl is feeling more himself today! Take care and have a Beautiful night!

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