I am on vacation

I made it to the Netherlands. There were a series of mishaps and problems but I left my son (though he says he is my moon, ok he is 2) in the very capable hands of my father and stepmother.
The one thing I forgot to do was get some Euros before I left. I don’t have a atm or credit card — I a cash type gal. My layover was in Frankfurt, I was sure I would find a money place there – wrong. Luckily I wasn’t hungry or thirsty – just bored.
Got cash in Amsterdam and bought my train ticket, then got on the wrong train. I figured it out before the train left, but that was a close call. I then almost got off at the wrong stop, a kind stranger helped me then. The Dutch I have met are very friendly.
I was told the hotel was walking distance from train station. Ok it is walking distance If you walk in the right direction. I ended up taking a cab. I was too tired to try to walk anymore.
At the hotel I discovered the huge bathtub! I could stretch all the way out – head to toe, no knee bending. That along with complimentary appertif had be so happy to be there.
We went out for dinner at a steak and seafood place across from the hotel. We had good Dutch beer, lobster bisque and split a mussels dinner. The brought out a kilo of mussels, a huge salad and a large stack of fries. We couldn’t finish it, but it was good.
That night we called my Dad to talk to Carl. He had gotten sick that morning, throwing up his breakfast (he has only gotten sick once before in his life). Dad and Judi said not to worry, he would be fine. I of course feel horrible about being away from my sick baby, but I could fly home now and he would be fine by the time I got there.
Today I enjoyed the breakfast buffet at the hotel. I am ravenous at 5:30 am. I ate three platefuls of food. Then crash for 2 hours. I spent the day shopping at a galleria and visiting the Van Abbe  Museum of Art.  They have a special exhibit of a local artist and artists from Istanbul. The building is incredible, with interesting use of natural light and wonderful alcoves with curved windows overlooking the river. Most of the art was not to my preferance, but they did have a few Picassos and Chagalls that I enjoyed. Shopping was the same as home – stopped at a drugstore to get the things I forgot and a sweater for my son.
After another long late afternoon bath (heaven) we call my Dad to see how Carl is doing. Well – it is not too good. They have just spent the night in the emergency room and my son had two IVs to get some fluids in him. They had had no luck getting anything to stay down all day, so they called to doctor who sent them to a hospital that had a special children’s emergency room. It was a long night for them. My first question was should I come home. They said no, the worst was over and there was nothing I could do by coming home. While I was talking to him, he started saying he wanted cinnamon toast, which I took for a good sign, then gave the phone back to go chase the cat. He is ok, but I still feel so guilty.
Tonight we had Thai food and more delicious Dutch beer. I still am very worrid about my precious boy.
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One Response to I am on vacation

  1. Cherissa says:

    Awwwe :9 I\’m sorry to hear that your baby boy is sick 😦 and of all the times… I hope he is okay!…Sounds like it is wonderful there!

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