Other things in life

I haven’t been writing lately since I haven’t been cooking much. My husband has been on a business trip and won’t be back until the 31st. The good news is I will be joining him for the last few days of the trip! Carl will stay with his grandparents. My Dad is taking him the first half and my mom the second half.
It took a while to get over the guilt of leaving my baby. My grandmother let me have it too. She did not think I should leave my son. He missed me too much when he stayed overnight in December (I think for the company Christmas party). All other times he was fine. What happened that once was he got missing mom and dad a little and instead of distracting him to other things my mom let it go on. It was only at bedtime and he was fine in the morning.
So I called Carl’s doctor. They said that if he does ok 2 days he will do fine for more. They also said to go have fun.
So we did another overnight at my mom’s and one at my dad’s. He did great at dad’s. I took him up in the afternoon. We transfered the car seat to dad’s van. We later went to his cousin’s basketball game (big cousin Login is in 8th grade.) I took my car and went home from the game. They said Carl wondered where I was in the van when they drove to the game but was fine after that.
So I have been taking care of final details since Rich has been gone. Yesterday was insane. Then last night my mom starts calling for a variety of things. The last call was for a schedule of Carl’s day including diaper changes. Like that can be scheduled. Arggh!
Where am I going? Eindhoven the Netherlands.
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One Response to Other things in life

  1. Cherissa says:

    Wow… I hope you have an amazing time! Its good to get away with out the kids sometimes Carl will be okay…yes hes going to miss his Mommy and Daddy but he will get through just fine! I look forward to hearing about your little trip!! Have fun and be safe!

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