Birthday dinner

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday. When I spoke to her about what she wanted to do, she didn’t want to do much, she was very tired when we talked. Rich had wanted to get some crab and take it over. She thought that was a good idea.
I went to QFC since they seem to have a good seafood department. They didn’t have the big crab legs, of which Rich was thinking. But it seems it is still crab season, so there were fresh dungeness there. I bought two, some McCormicks seafood sauce, a loaf of french bread and a salad kit – Fresh Express’ Asian. For the wine we took a Brunello, one of my mother favorite types of wine. Grandma bought an orange cake that was delicious. They all worked well together.
For a gift we checked mom’s christmas list for things she didn’t receive, so she got a vegetable steamer and solages. The florist put together a bouquet ofpeach roses and cala lilies. We also gave her a book that I picked up last fall and was holding for her:
Brunello Di Montalcino by Emanuele Pellucci published in 1979
The Brunello we brought was Caprili 2000. Brunello is a dark red wine from Italy made from a Sangiovese clone. It is very full bodied and dark fruity. Caprili is the lowest cost Brunello I have been able to find – most Brunellos are $50-60, this was $36 (at QFC).
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2 Responses to Birthday dinner

  1. Ina says:

    Hey, chickie. THis is an interesting thing. How do you do it? Also, when shall you, Colleen and I get together? (after FEb. 17th, I\’ll be in Germany!). THinking of you!

  2. Cherissa says:

    Happy Birthday to your Mother! It sounds as if you had a nice relaxing time! I hope you are doing well! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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