Well, we are back online. Technically I never was off – I could have used the garage computer or my mothers. The hard drives went because of the power source shorting out constantly. The bummer may be getting the data off our hard drive. It may end up costing a bit of money.
I picked up some cheeses this Christmas. At Costco I found some Cibo flavored cheeses. I really liked the Jalapeno flavor, there was also red pepper and pesto flavors.
I stopped in Hickory Farms the day after Christmas. I bought the cheese ball, blue/cheddar original style and the Creamy Swiss cheese log. When I first was working at Hickory Farms, the cheese balls were made in house. We received the cheese in bulk, cut it with a long wire, weighed out the correct amount, formed it into balls, rolled in nuts, added the candied cherry on top then wrapped them with cellophane.
Creamy Swiss was sold in bulk, we received a large chunk and cut it with a large wire. It could be cut into any amount that the customer wanted.
My time at the store taught me so much – it was an experience I value to this day.
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