Merry Christmas

I hope all had a Merry Christmas. Our family tradition is to spend Christmas eve at my mothers, Christmas day at my father’s. Both dinners were great.
Mom made beef, scalloped potatoes, corn and brussel sprouts. Judi made turkey, ham and meatballs (larger group) I brought a green salad, a potato dish and lots of appitizers.
There were lots of cookies – my son had more than he should have. So did I.
Unfortunately my computer crashed the day before Christmas eve. There are great debates in the household as to what happened to it. Today Rich is driving to Frye’s to get some parts. I have my theories – I think it has to do with the code he is writing on it.
Merry Christmas, now back to reality.
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One Response to Merry Christmas

  1. Cherissa says:

    My Christmas went by nicely! I\’m happy to hear yours did as well! May you have a BEAUTIFUL New Year!

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