Zoolights, soup, madeira and scones

Well we had our friends over last night and it was fun. It was so cold and windy, we walked zoolights and were happy to be in the indoor displays. Carl (my son) was ok as we had him really bundled and blankets over him in the stroller. The light show is nice, but it was windy and COLD (the humid air here really makes it feel colder).
I guess I should start with the Scones – they were difficult to put into a figure eight. So I took the dough over to my mom’s house and my grandma taught me how to put them together. (She is amazing, this is after a stroke a few weeks ago!) The trick is to roll them about four inches long in flour, then move the roll to the cookie sheet and shape them in the 8 shape (though my son said they were S’s). They baked best in my mom’s oven at 375° for 7-9 minutes (mom checked them for us)
We had some cheeses and wine before hand. Rich called me and said he and Janet would be late as they were drinking champagne at work. The company had a new reorganization (they shuffled their 30+ vps around and call it new to try to boost morale) and wasted a half a day that they could have been creating product that would make the stock holder money. Ok enough of my thought on upper management pompousness.
Back to the wine, last night we had two bottles of wine.
2001 Domaine Leon Barral Jadis Red Faugeres Wine
1999 Belvedere Cabernet Sauvignon Healdsburg Ranches
Both needed to be decanted due to sediment. The Jadis more so. I think we bought them at Vino in Portland’s Sellwood area. Belvedere is out of Sonoma. Jadis is from Languedoc France and imported by Kermit Lynch.
We had some cheese bread, hummus, crackers, cambrizola cheese and reggiano parmesan. We had some before the zoo then after freezing while I was cooking the soup. We made a cesaer salad from one of the kits. It was very good. I made the soup with:
2 large onions, chopped sauted then sweated for 5 minutes
Beef stock (my homemade stuff)
dash of cumin
dash of tumeric
1 Tablespoon cognac
grated parmesan
Jarlsburg cheese
The soup wasn’t as good as I have made in the past. My stock wasn’t as flavorful as my chicken stock is. I will need to work on that. There was too much onion, probably one onion would have been enough. No tumeric next time. I would also use and emmental or gruyere, though I love eating Jarlsburg, it was too mild for the top of the soup. We also didn’t have the right bowls for baking the soup in the oven. I think that is a vital step we were not able to do. Oh darn another trip to Kitchen Kaboodle or another cooking store.
The Figure 8 Scones were the best part of the meal. They looked very elegant and were wonderful with the Madeira. We decided to only open one Madeira so we opened the Rare Wine Company Boston Bual. Steve said the he has a bottle of the Rare Wine Company New York Malsey. The Madeira and the Scone combination was good. 
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One Response to Zoolights, soup, madeira and scones

  1. Cherissa says:

    I love coming here! There is just something wonderful about you!!I will try your figure 8 scones! They sound great!! My Grandmother had taught me to bake scones once but not figure 8 ones…. I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!!

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