Viento Wines, more Madeira, Kitchen Gadgets and other things

Last night Rich and I attended a tasting of Viento Wines at Renaissance Wines. It was hosted by Jessica Endsworth of Peacock Wines, who had on some very interesting amber jewelry.
We tasted
Gewürztraminer – Celilo Vineyard
Sangiovese (I think it was the cuvee)
Syrah Cuvée R
Syrah – Lonesome Spring Ranch
Nocturne 1999 – Muscat Canelli Dessert Wine
We bought the Syrah Cuvee R and two bottle of Nocturne. I really liked the dessert wine and Rich said that it was one he really liked, he didn’t have to pretend to like. No one has forced him to ever drink a dessert wine – I do not know what he is saying… We bought the Syrah Cuvee R for a table wine, so it is going on the rack for Rich to drink. Personally there are other wines out there I like better, but I am hoping that if we have this open it will help in my weight lose. The Lonsome Spring Syrah was interesting – it was a very smooth and mild syrah. I will be blunt, the only wine I really liked that night was the dessert.
We also picked up two more bottles of the Wallace and another bottle of Madeira for the after Zoolights meal.
The Madeira is the Cossart Gordon 5 year Malmsey. It was one we tried at the Madeira tasting at Ren that wasn’t an official one, he had some sample and was tasting them after the regular wine tasting. I had written notes in my checkbook so I had some record there.  I didn’t write much, but I do know that we didn’t dislike any of them. I need to remember to put my wine notebook in my purse.
Here is our Madeiras we will serve (in order)
Miles Rainwater
Cossart Gordon 5 year Malmsey
The Rare Wine Company Historic Series Boston Bual
Leacock Bual 1966
I just added a link to Sound and Fury blog, I found it when I was looking for a Peacock Wines website. The writer attends winetastings at the same place we do (Renaissance Wines in Orenco Station) and was at the Madeira/Sherry/Port tasting. This person’s notes were better from that day, here is the link:
It is funny finding that spot, it is a glimse into someone else’s life who I have passed in a store.
A little note on Renaissance Wines – it is hard to find on yahoo yellow pages as it is refered to at Renassiance (a typo in yahoo). He still doesn’t have a website yet either.
We then walked over to Kitchen Kaboodle. Rich wanted to look for a new large pot in which to deep fry turkey. The only pot we could find was by All Cald and was only 24 quart (we need 30). I would have loved to have that pot – making large volumes of stock would be so easy in that! But it seemed like a sin or something to use a pot that nice on a turkey fryer system.  So we are going to look at the Turkey Fryer at Costco. (Also called The Costcos by Mo’Nique and Crosco by Sharon Osbourne)
Ok we then went over to the Orenco Station Grill for dinner. We had the Halibut with the horseradish mashed potatoes. I liked the Halibut, but the potatoes were not as good as they sounded. Next time we have decided to do soup and salad and save room for the Creme Brule and a glass of Madeira instead. They do have a french onion soup (I found out Rich loves french onion soup in general – idea for Zoolights night).
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