Keeping Records

Well, I am can see the benefits of keeping notes in this thing.
We bought some wine futures with some friends, and the notes are coming in handy.
I made bean soup the other night  – it was one of the few times I forgot to note something really good I was cooking. I am now not sure what I did. I started with the bean soup recipe from Joy of Cooking, used garlic, nutmeg and red wine for flavor. I think I had white beans, anazai beans and a few other. For the meat I used leftover spareribs. (I didn’t have a hambone) I used an envelope of potato buds. Tasted good, I just didn’t document it well.
Ok in remembering to keep better notes – I mulched the angel trumpet and the bay laurel this week, with both chipped wood and plastic (left over red stuff for the tomatoes).
 I spent some time shopping for me this afternoon. I wanted to get some more clothing for interviews, some nice plain classic skirts and a pair of boots. I put them on my Christmas list, but since I have gotten so big, it is hard to find things that will fit me. Plus my mother wanted to use her Nordstroms credits, so she wanted me to find stuff there. It wasn’t easy finding classic clothing at Nordstoms. Most of their stuff is now very trendy and shaggy looking. I do not think it is attractive. Thankfully they still stock Faconnable and Eileen Fisher or I think I would have gone home in tears. I sound like such a snob as those are not inexpensive lines. Oh well, it is good to shop the sales.
Sent a nice thank you note to the guy I interviewed with, asked him to remove me from consideration for the position. I didn’t say why – I didn’t think it was needed. I am bummed though – it would have been a great job if not for the long commute.
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