Raised beds in our garden

We have started replacing the raised beds in our backyard. Rich started ripping out a few of the beds a few weeks ago. On Monday of Thanksgiving week, we went to Best Buy in Town Landscaping and bought our Christmas present to each other; bricks to build the new beds.
Carl loved watching the fork lift move the bricks from the truck to our driveway – he was cold and didn’t like the noise but really wanted to stay outside to watch. The driver was very nice, he came around back to see what we were working on and even had suggestions; he had recently put in a courtyard at his brother’s home.
They were delivered on Tuesday, while Rich had gone into work for a meeting. When he got back he started hauling bricks. After a while of hauling, then looking at the bricks and not remembering how they go together, he watched the instructional video. After watching Rich realized we were delivered one pallet incorrectly. So he called Best Buy and the driver took care of it right away (and was very nice about it again.)
So far Rich has replaced two of the beds. Both are on the ends. He had to change the size so we are not proceeding until we have figured out the spacing – with a drawing. So far each bed is taking about a day. Granted these are short days as Rich doesn’t get out of bed until late on his days off.
I made stock with the turkey carcass. I have a lot of stock. I now have to figure out how I can fit it in the freezer, which is already full of homemade tomato sauce, peppers, dried tomatoes, and lots of berries.
I have a job interview today. I don’t have experience in one of the programs they want (Premier) but I do have experience with other Adobe products including animation, so I hope that can give them faith in my ability to pick up a new package.
The issue on my part is that it is a long drive – north of my Dad’s house. If I get called back for a second interview, I will make it so I drive there straight from my house to see if I can really handle that drive every day.
Wish me luck.
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