Variety of things

Well, I finished my thoughts on the Thanksgiving weekend wine tasting (November 27th entry). I would say I enjoyed everything except the drive back through Dundee.
Ended up not using the gravy recipe I found yesterday, but did use ideas from it.
When Rich got home we got the turkey out of the oven. It had a lot of liquid in the bottle of the pan and was definately smaller, so we thought it would be horribly dry. It was dry, but not as bad as we thought. From now on I will check it more closely toward the end.
For the gravy I poured about half the liquid into a saucepan. I set aside the rest to make turkey stock. I heated the liquid, made about a cup of white sauce and added it. I added a tablespoon of cognac and about 3 tablespoons sour cream. I let it thicken and then gave it a little salt and pepper. It turned out pretty good and tasted great on the stuffing.
Today I will finish making stock from the carcass. I boiled up the neck yesterday with some bay leaves and mixed that stock with the leftover pan drippings.  Will use my chicken stock recipe:
 We opened a bottle of White Cottage 2002 Risa Cabernet Sauvignon. It was about $30 (I think, I can’t remember…) Very good wine from Napa Valley.
Other things:
Job interview tomorrow at USNR, I have 99% of their basic requirements, little of their prefered requirements. We will see how I do. This afternoon I will work on getting in a good midset, look though what I do not know to figure out how I can learn what they need or find services that provide what we need and take it from there.
It brought back memories of being 12, 16, 19 and 31.  I had forgotten about those voices the kids talked about.
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One Response to Variety of things

  1. Jon says:

    Hi, Well I moved out here to S Oregon about 2 years ago after spending 19 years NE of Denver. Sounds like we came out here about the same time. If you would like you can email me and we can share experiences.Jon

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