Winetasting PreThanksgiving Weekend 2005

We made the trek to Yamhill county on Saturday.
We started out at Shea to pick up our futures. Of course we also tasted the wines that they had. I had my receipt so I knew what we ordered and took home last time. I couldn’t find very good notes as to what made us choose the wines we chose. 
2004 Pinot Noir East Hill
2004 Pinot Noir Wädenswil Clone
2004 Pinot Noir Block 23
2004 Pinot Noir Homer 

We bought futures on Wädenswil Clone, Block 23 and Homer.  Now that they had matured our favorite was East Hill. So we didn’t get it at the future price, but with the 6-pack discount it was only a few dollars more a bottle.

We liked the East Hill because of its smooth taste with hints of tobacco and chocolate.

Wädenswil Clone had a sharper taste with spicy flavors developing late.

Block 23 was smoother that Wädenswil Clone, not as smooth as East Hill with a late hint of spice late on the pallette.

Homer was very complex with a smooth start, sharp middle, smoothing finish with hints of spice and chocolate.


Then we went to Beaux Freres. We were going to Patricia Green but missed the drive, Beaux Freres was the next driveway (we were planning to go there anyway). They are an organic wine – and were talking about the Teas that they use at different times during the growing season to enhance the growth and development. The owner is a prominent wine critic who researched techniques in France that were producing good results.

They had three futures available that we could taste, two of those we could purchase and one was sold out. There was also a cash and carry table wine they were tasting at the end. The two we could purchase futures on were Belle Soeurs and Ana Vineyard.

Belle Soeurs was very smooth and fruity with a slightly spicy finish. Ana vinyard was also smooth with a cinnamon start and a nutmeg finish.

We didn’t like the table wine called Pink House Pinot Noir. It was cloudy and there wasn’t much flavor beyond the clouds. I went with a gut feeling that even letting this sit would not help it – there wasn’t enough flavor. We have better low cost wines.

This was a nice tasting as it wasn’t very crowded. The tasting fee ($20) eliminated the riff raff but we got a Reidel glass as part of the fee. The nice Reidel glasses that are made for Pinot Noir.


We then went to Patricia Green. They were sampling 15 wines, so I decided to take it easy and pick and choose. I tried nine of them. I also dumped if I it didn’t strike me right away. I feel like I wasn’t giving them a chance, but with that many after tasting at two wineries, I wanted to be careful. We chose the following (all 2004):

Pinot Noir Reserve (Rich liked the butterscotchy finish)

Pinot Noir Estate Vineyard – very very smooth

Pinot Noir Whistling Ridge Vineyard – smooth and oaky

Pinot Noir Eason Vineyard – fruity with a butter finish

The three that I have notes as to why not were Shea VIneyard (too stong a clove flavor, making it almost choppy); Etzel Block was too sharp and Notorious was not very complex – I enjoyed lower price wines more.

Steve and Janet bought some Balcombe wineyard, i didn’t try it and Rich thought it was okay, but liked others more.


 We then went to Archery Summit to pick up our wine club wines and oh by the way would we like to taste some of the wines. I do enjoy the location, the view is beautiful and the courtyard has the feel of one of the squares in Rome.


So in all we picked up our 6 futures at Shea and bought 6 more bottles, bought futures for 4 bottles at Beaux Freres and came home with two glasses, bought eight bottles of wine at Patricia Green and the 3 wine club wines from Archery Summit. Rich had to hold wine at his feet once we loaded the baby and his things in our car. Fun time!

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