Fall in our Garden

Yesterday I received my birthday gift from my mother – four hours work from her gardener. He ripped out our two butterfly bushes and our dead honeysuckle 😦 and pruned our bushes and trees. In place of the two butterfly bushes he planted an Angel Trumpet and a Bay laurel bush.
I saw the Angel Trumpet on Good Day Lifestyles (a gardening show here in Portland) in the spring and bought one in the early summer. It has sat in a pot till now, it bloomed  a few times in the pot, but did not grow. The blooms are a pretty pale pink. It should get to be six feet – right now it is maybe 18" tall. Hopefully it will do ok after a rough start.
As for the Bay Laurel – I bought that this spring when I was putting together my herb garden. I planted it in a pot with my cuban oregano, pineapple sage and a few other herbs that struck my fancy. I put it in the center of the pot, since I thought the tag said it would be 10" tall. I harvested a few leaves, but since it wasn’t growing very well I still bought leaves to use. My mother, who is in the Oregon Master Gardener program, later that summer told me about a bay branch from a tree that she got to see and how wonderful it smelled. Tree? oops – a 12" pot with other plants is NOT going to work. So I dug it out of the herb pot and Ian planted it in place of the butterfly bush. The bush is currently maybe 6-7" tall.
These two plants are my two big changes to the yard since I moved in. I hope they will do well (at least better than my flower garden has).
I plan on buying a new honeysuckle to replace the one we lost – it smelled so wonderful.
We are starting some additional changes to the backyard. We have wonderful raised beds – unfortunately they are rotting (they are wood and at least 30 years old)  So Rich is pulling the worst ones out – I am saying that we need to start rebuilding as soon as one is gone – I don’t want to be scrambling next spring with no planting space and a stack of tomato, peppers and other vegetable plants.
We also lost a tree recently in a bed off our back deck. It was the center of a bed that served as my flower bed. We plan on using that space as more of an entertainment area – for our chiminea and a space we can set up our turkey fryer. I would like to incorporate my herb garden and some color into the space, so I am researching and really trying to plan it out. As for now, we have the chiminea and a bench set up in the space so we can enjoy the chiminea.
My other big project of yesterday – I repotted my african violets. I saw on Rebecca’s Garden that they are happy if they are root bound, but they do need new dirt once a year.
http://extension.oregonstate.edu/mg/ Oregon Master Gardeners
http://www.rebeccasgarden.com/ Rebecca’s Garden
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