Wine Tasting in Oregon

The great wine tasting weekends are almost here! Every Thanksgiving Oregon wineries host wine tastings and open houses at their facilities.
The weekend before Thanksgiving is usually invite only events – you need to be on the wineries mailing list or a member of the purchasing club – buying a case or joining their wine club.
One big problem with the big winery weekends is driving through the town of Dundee. The highway narrows and the lights block traffic for miles. It is very frustrating, we avoid Dundee and the wineries to the south of Dundee the weekend after Thanksgiving and attend invite only events south of Dundee the weekend before. It is sad because there are a lot of businesses in Dundee and to the south that are loosing income as a result of the traffic fiasco. I sure won’t loose my place in line to try to stop for a meal or to purchase things.
I hope to go to Domaine Serene/Rockblock (so good), Archery Summit, White Rose, or Anne Amie the weekend before Thanksgiving. They are very good. We have an invite to Domaine Serene so far.
There are a number of good wineries to the north of Dundee – SHEA (the best), Patricia Green, Chehalem, JK Carriere and Owen Roe.
My two favorites are Shea’s Pinot Noir and Rockblock’s Syrah. The others also have very good wines and an interesting variety. Archery Summit and White Rose are currently produce Pinot Noirs only.
We would like to visit Ken Wright Cellars.
I am sure it will be fun once again.
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