Chips Salsa and Nachos

I love nachos. While I was single they were the meal I would make most often for myself.
The basic recipe is corn torilla chips, cheddar or colby cheese and salsa. If I have them I sometimes will add guacamole, black beans, meat and/or sour cream.
I especially love them at Applebees.
My nachos have gotten better over the years. It started when I was watching "Americas Test Kitchen" a very good cooking show. It is by the authors of Cooks Illustrated.
They had a show on "Bar Foods" and taste tested chips, jar salsa, store bought guacamole and then discussed recipes. They no longer have the link on the website 😦 but I learned some good information on the show.
1. Doritos toasted corn were the best chips, they are only available west of the rockies (there is a benefit to where we live) they also said the Paul Newman’s chips were very good (I haven’t been able to find them though)
2. Fresh salsa was best, and making your own from canned products was still better than the stuff in the jars.
3. Fresh guacamole was best hands down.
So I started making my own salsa. In the summer I use fresh from the garden tomatoes, cilantro and peppers and  a fresh onion (haven’t had any luck growing them yet). I chop them mix them together add some salt, lemon or lime juice  and maybe play with different spices a little.
In the winter, I use S&W Ready-Cut diced tomatoes (I buy cans in bulk at Costco) and peppers that I have frozen from my garden. I usually throw in a couple Jalapenos, a Habenero and a couple of Serranos. Depends on my mood. Still add the fresh onion and fresh Cilantro if I can get it. If not I use dried.
Guac has been a little more difficult as I hate those stringy things that are in avacados. I guess it is something I need to work on.
The fresh cilantro and other herbs are always best if you can get them. It is amazing how much better things taste with them.

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