Halloween Weekend and Olive bread

This was a fun Halloween. Our neighbors threw their once again incredible Halloween party. We were crusaders (I was Joan of Arc) and baby was Batman (it sort of work – caped crusader…) there was a Band – the Noah Peterson Quartet. Little batman was nervous at first then discovered he really liked their music and was up at front dancing. The band would break into a Batman theme riff every so often. They also gave my son extra attention (he was very interested in the instruments) I really appreciated it – at 2 he is an open slate and wants to learn about everything.
Our neighbors website: http://www.purnichols.com/ (she is an amazing artist!)
I took over my Olive Bread. It looks so cool and is so easy to make:
 2 packages of crescent rolls
1/2 c melted butter
3/4 c parmesan cheese
whole green olives with pimentos
Tear each roll into thirds, roll each piece into a ball. Dip the ball in butter then cheese. Arrange in a pie plate (I have also used quiche plates and round cake pans) Arrange olives between the balls, pimento side up.
Bake at 325 for 35-40 minutes.
Sometimes you can’t fit all of the bread into the pie pan, I will just arrange them on a little pan and bake them along side the pie plate. I check it a little more frequently as it will probably be done sooner.
Sunday was the big family birthday over at my Dads. It was my nephew Jacob’s 15th, as well as my step-brother Eric and my birthday.
We took over a Patricia Green Cellars Pinot Noir Boushan Estate 2002. It was very good. http://www.patriciagreencellars.com/
We also took over an Eiswein by Chateau Bianca. http://www.chateaubianca.com/
I took over a green salad. I used a bag of spinach, a bag of mixed greens (no iceberg lettuce) the last of my fresh tomatoes, an avacado, some baby carrots and cucumber. I added some pinenuts.  (Cost savings of buying these at Costco is worth it) We added some Feta cheese at Dads (my Dad’s new cheese love – Feta)
My stepbrother Eric made a prime-rib roast in a rotisserie it was so good. He had an appliance that fit on the counter – it was very handy.
Well so much for my entry – little batman wants to play on the computer. 
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