Sausage — Salumeria di Carlo

While wine tasting at Chehelam Winery, we found some delicious sausauge.
Salumeria di Carlo’s Totus Porcus  Cotechino Golognese brand sausage out of Dundee OR.
I can’t find a website for the company (yet) but I did find them mentioned in two blogs. It looks like you can buy the sausage at Portland Farmer’s Market:
It looks like the sausage may be offered at upscale grocers.
We do have a new grocer up the road – I will check them out…
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2 Responses to Sausage — Salumeria di Carlo

  1. Leslie says:

    I found out these are also available at Zupans

  2. leslieaross says:

    Their website appears to be gone….

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