Garden 2005 – peppers

Cherry hot
Yellow Bell
Yellow Mini Bell
Super Cayenne
Kung Pao
The peppers did not do as well as they did in the past. We have a lot of green peppers – but we didn’t have a long enough season for the peppers to really ripen. Each Anaheim and Ancho produced some peppers. The Jalapenos produced a lot a peppers but they didn’t turn red. All of Habeneros are still green. We did get several Purira, Cherry hots and Caribbeans. All of the Serranos and yellow bells are green. The yellow bells had to be picked as there was an accident with the plant when we were removing a dying tree. The Yellow Mini Bells were great. The peppers ripened early and had great flavor. The Thai is so pretty, the little peppers stand up straight like sharp little flowers, they are slowly turning red. The Super Cayenne and Kung Poa are still producing. We did not get anything from the Tabasco plant. There was also a generic hot pepper plant. The pepper were supposed to be hot and they were shaped like a banana pepper and red. The peppers all were attacked by vermin or disease, we did not get one.
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