Garden 2005

Well – this posting is harder than I thought between babies and computer gliches…
Tomatoes in 2005
Black Plum – good for fresh cooking
Sugary Hybrid – cherry slow ripening
SuperSweet 100 – cherry
Sweeti – cherry
Yellow Pear
Beefsteak – slicer didn’t do well this year
Brandywine – delicious slicer, didn’t get many this year
Kellogg’s Breakfast – yellow/orange slicer huge fruit ok flavor
Peron (2) – very meaty fruit good for salsa
Juliet Hybrid (2) – large cherries, ended up using for sauce
Polish Linguisa – odd shaped (pointed) paste tomato
Early Girl Bush – slicer didn’t do well
Roma (3) – paste tomatoes, fruit was smaller than normal this year
San Marzano – long thin fruit sauce tomato
Viva Italia (2) – sauce tomato , good flavor lots of blossom end rot
This was not a good year for tomatoes, we got an ok batch of tomatoes, but we had a lot of problem with blossom end rot, cat face and other maladies.
We got many batches of sauce with the Romas, San Marzano, Viva Italia and Polish Linguisa. One of my Juliets crossed with a Viva Italia and produced some good sauce tomatoes too. I made a batch of sauce with Kelloggs Breakfast, which was interesting in color as it was a yellow/orange tomato. I also made a batch with the black plums, which were not as dark as I thought they would be. They were a little too seedy to make sauce, but the color was cool.
My favorites slicers were the Belgium and Brandywine. The Kelloggs Breakfast were huge  (one over 2 lbs) and looked great sliced with the Belgium and Brandywines, but I was not as impressed with the flavor.The Perons were great but we didn’t get many.
We had a lot of cherry tomatoes, I tried drying to keep up with them, but couldn’t. We need a dryer if we want to do so many cherries next year.
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