I love cheese. I loved it so much I worked at Hickory Farms in college. I even worked over a christmas at a kiosk when I was in my late twenties.  The stores I worked at had good stuff. Unfortunately the store I worked at in Portland is no longer there.
You can now buy many of the products in the grocery store including beefstick and the smoky cheese. The website sell gift packs and some of the cheeses as well as the beefstick and other items. I don’t know if the Heritage Swiss is the same as Creamy Swiss.
I found many of the products at the grocery store now – Jarlsberg etc, even Costco (prices are good there).
I have had trouble finding some of my favorites: Chutter, herbs and spice neufchatel and anything chocolate (more on chocolate in another blog) There were also some cheeses that were scooped out of bins like ice cream – they had fruit flavors (num blueberry) savory flavors and of course a couple of varieties of chocolate.
I found Chutter and the fudge through Herkimer Foods:
I think the herb and spice neufchatel was by Fluer De Lait, but I cannot find it.
I have no clue where to start with the scoopy stuff.
Enough ranting. There is still good cheese around here.
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