Bear Scout Water and Soil Conservation

Our den worked a little on Bears Elective 15: Soil and Water conservation. As I gathered information, I have to give a shout out to Pack 152 – they have a lot of helpful information on their site!

a. Dig a hole or find an excavation project and describe the different layers of soil you see and feel. (Do not enter an excavation area alone or without permission.)  This page has some information on the different types of soil:

b. Explore three kinds of earth by conducting a soil experiment.

c. Visit a burned-out forest or prairie area, or a slide area, with your den or your family. Talk to a soil and water conservation officer or forest ranger about how the area will be planted and cared for so that it will grow to be the way it was before the fire or slide
This site has some fire resistant plants

d. What is erosion? Find out the kinds of grasses, trees, or ground cover you should plant in your area to help limit erosion.

I called a local master gardener to ask for plant ideas. In the pacific NW:
Native plants
Mat root systems
Plant examples: Salal, Ferns, Snow berry, Currants, kinnickkinnick, montia
Good river bank tree – Willow
Nothing invasive or noxious – no ivy or vinca

e. As a den, visit a lake, stream, river, or ocean (whichever is nearest where you live). Plan and do a den project to help clean up this important source of water. Name four kinds of water pollution.
Kinds of Water Pollution:

Project Ideas
Clean up local creek/falls
Mark storm drains
this link is for our local water program – it has other ideas, too!

Elective 15 is a good one to complete, besides learning important information, it helps your son earn those little arrows that you then must somehow attach to his uniform, and it is part of the World Conservation Award.

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Duty to God – Scout Sunday

Stained GlassWith Boy Scout Sunday this month, I planned a Duty to God day at our church. We scheduled some projects and had a short Bible study.

Since all the boys participating are Cub Scout age, we kept the projects easy. They picked up trash around the church – this project required bags and gloves. The boys then sharpened all the pencils in the sanctuary, I asked parents to bring electric pencil sharpeners if they had them. They also updated the activity bags that are available for children to use during the service. They took all the bags apart, checked all the pieces and reassembled them. We then had a snack and a little Bible study. After the snack, they made a tied fleece blanket. I bought the kit on a really good sale and had it cut out, the children tied it. I then had a craft – decorating magnets. I found these kits on clearance after Vacation Bible School time at Joann’s.

I opened with a prayer I found online and modified to make it work with our program:
Dear heavenly Father, as we begin this meeting, we know that You are here with us. Make our hearts and minds ready to plan and do those things that will be pleasing to You and serve our church, and our community. Where we fail, forgive us and help us start again in the way you would have us go. In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

We closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

For the quick Bible study we talked about what we believe:
We are saved by God’s grace, for Christ’s sake, through faith alone.
We recited these two verses (they repeated after me)
John 3:16 For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.
Romans 5:1 Therefore, since we have been made right in God’s sight by faith, we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us.
(New Living Translation)

The kids had a fun time and I thought it added to the Scout Sunday experience.

Here are some reference sites:


Prayer – National Lutheran Association on Scouting

Statement of Faith

Bible Verses:

Scout Sunday and Duty to God:

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Chutter Cheese Update

Ok, so it isn’t really that big of an update. A while ago, I posted about how I used to work at Hickory Farms (back when they had year-round stores!) I posted the Chutter was actually made by Herkimer Foods and was still available from them.

Recently, Hickory Farms added New York Cheddar Spread – which is what they are calling Chutter now.

I just ordered some Chutter from Herkimer Foods for the first time! It arrived very quickly and is still delicious!

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Fun Graphics Ideas

 I found a great site for fonts

They have fun and funny fonts, symbols, ornate lettering and some obscure stuff. Check it out for some easy emphasis graphics!

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Great Cub Scout Website

A favorite website is back up and running: Canby Cubs! They have an awesome section on segments:

Kudos to their webmaster!

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Great Party Recipes!

Just saw this on Bon Appetit’s website. I only checked out two recipes, but they looked good!

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God and Me – Emblem of Faith

At our church we ran the God and Me program for the Cub Scouts in our church to earn their Emblem of Faith. Information on the program can be found at:

The God and Me program is available at:
There are downloads for the class on this page:

The books were purchased at our local Boy Scout store. I bought the workbook, a Counselor’s Manual and the Adult Mentor book. The Adult Mentor book wasn’t needed but was helpful for prayer ideas.

We ended up with 5 boys in the class, four in the Wolves level and one Bear. We invited others, but the timing wasn’t right for them.

I met with our pastor before starting all of this. He was very familiar with the program and was very supportive. Our pastor’s requirements were to learn the Lord’s Prayer (already part of the program), memorize a bible verse and complete 3 service projects for the church.

For our service projects, we:
- Sharpened pencils in the Narthex each week we met
- Picked up trash around the church the last week we met
- Made a tied fleece blanket for the Quilts for Kids program, which give blankets to a local battered women’s shelter.

The program ended up running for 5 weeks. We had one 2-part lesson per week and the extra session was to finish the service projects. If a child missed a week, they did their lessons at home with their parents. A parent from each family stayed to work with the kids.

We also had several kids who weren’t the right age for the program attend as they were siblings. We had some crafts and the oldest girl (who was too old for God and Me) helped keep an eye on the littler kids. They all participated with gusto in the service projects.

For the program, each child needed a workbook, a shoebox covered with paper to make the Gamebox. Stock the Gamebox with pencils, 3X5 note cards, scissors and glue sticks. Each week the child brings their workbook, Bible, Gamebox and an electric pencil sharpener.  Week 1 bring a small photo of the child – for page 6 of the workbook.

We had each family bring the snack one week. Stickers are a good incentive for good behavior – they can be used to decorate the Gamebox.

Schedule weeks 1-4
Bible verse for week – read it and write it on a note card
Opening Prayer (I used suggestions from the Adult Mentor book for these prayers)
Lesson part 1
Sharpen pencils in Narthex and from kids activity bags
Lesson part 2
Games and Gamebox
Lord’s Prayer (they need to have it memorized by the third lesson)

Week 5
Opening Prayer
Recite verses for Pastor
Pick up trash around church
Make sliders (each made two, 1 with Lutheran Seal and a fun one)
Sharpen Pencils
Tie Blanket
Lord’s Prayer

I picked out four bible verses for the program to help the wolves meet some of the Duty to God requirements for the wolves. These are the verses:
Week One: Deuteronomy 6:5 (Love the Lord your God with…) Talked about Duty to God
Week Two: John 3:16 (ties in to lesson too) talked about statement of faith
Week Three: Matthew 22:39 (Love your neighbor as yourself) again talked about Duty to God
Week Four: 2 Thessalonians 3:13 (Continue to do what is right) talked about showing your faith

There were some related projects that we ran, that worked well with the program and gave the boys more scouting achievements.

Requirement 7d – pick up litter
Requirement 11b – Duty to God
Requirement 11c – 2 ideas to demonstrate your beliefs and do 1
Requirement 11d – How can you help the church
Elective 6c – caring for books and make a cover – using Bible (week 3)
Elective 9c – make a gift (blanket)
Elective 11c – learn and sing a song that can be used as grace (ties into week 3 lesson)
Elective 12a – make a free hand sketch (lesson 1)

Requirement 2 – earn emblem of faith
Requirement 24a – help a cub scout through Bobcat (we happened to have one boy working on Bobcat, so the one Bear helped him learn the things he needed to the first week instead of sharpening pencils)
Requirement 24d – tell two people they have done a good job. During the second week, there is a part of the lesson with mirror writing, the bear was shown how to read the writing in the mirror, and he then showed each of the wolves how to do it. He did tell each of them they did a good job when they were done.

Art Pin #9 book cover
Citizenship Loop #3 Service Project
Communicating Pin #10 New Game
Reading/Writing Pin #5 book cover

The medals were presented on Scout Sunday. The boys were the greeters that week before the service. The pastor had each boy read his verse during the church service. We decided to read after one boy got flustered (there were tears) trying to recite his verse from memory. The medals were given to the parents, who pinned them on the boys. The pastor then had congregation reaffirm the vow to help raise the boys in Christian faith. The boys then presented the blanket to the Quilts for Kids program.

The boys also recieved their religious knots at their pack meetings.

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